Updating sportrak pro

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Connect the nuvi and run the Garmin Web Updater application. The next time you turn on the nuvi the firmware will load.

The traffic update will not necessarily install the next time you turn on the Nuvi.

Newfirmware update for the GTMxx receiver Changes from version 4.50 to version 4.60: Fix problem with renewing expired legacy US subscriptions in Canada. Changes from version 3.70 to version 3.90: Improved Alternate Frequency (AF) processing. Improved FM table handler regarding overwrites of oldest stations.

Changes from version 4.40 to version 4.50: Improve support for multiple free services Improve Canadian traffic support Changes from version 4.30 to version 4.40: Fix possible station lockout problem in Canada Changes from version 4.20 to version 4.30: Add support for TULIP hardware Add support for Canadian traffic Improve tuning speed, add non-volatile memory of last-tuned channel Changes from version 4.10 to version 4.20: Factory diagnostics changes only. Changes from version 4.00 to version 4.10: Fix alternate FM station handover problem in U. Changes from version 3.90 to version 4.00: Fix service provider lock in UK. Changes from version 3.60 to version 3.70: Add fix for frequent traffic queue purging in Germany When powering-up, automatically tune to last station tuned Add FM table memory log to autopurge oldest station entry Add support for Nuvi 6xx FM scan Changes from version 3.50 to version 3.60: Corrected problem with linked TMC message displays. Added support for alternate American TMC providers.

Supports additional post-sale National Geographic and Digital Globe Maps. Any additional files beyond the 1000 will not be loaded. Geocaching Improvements: Correlation between geocaches and associated child waypoints from either Geocache or Waypoint Lists. Field Notes text file is now properly formatted for upload to Ability to edit a geocache after creating, but before submitting to

Allow enable/disable position-to-destination line with active Goto. The messages are: "Loading Track..." "Loading Geocaches..." "Loading Waypoints..." "Recovering Database..." "Indexing Database..." A maximum of 1000 files will be read and loaded from the device. Modification of the database loading and rollback process to improve on the load time.

v3.0 Patch Visor SW Updater Corrections to Japanese translation issues. Fix issue with device wont start properly because of corrupted file. Users can delete or back-up pre-loaded maps using Vantage Point. Additional functionality for the customizable hot key: Marking a waypoint is now a one-click function. While in route to a geocache, the button will toggle from current screen to geocaching details and back to last screen. Incorrect picture attachment tags have been removed from Preloaded Geocaches. Map Display Improvements: Options Menu will provide new function to locate nearest geocache that is "Not Found" and "Not Attempted".

If the track name is not present, it will show as blank or "TRK1". If the track name is not present, it will show as blank or "TRK1". Grade measurement no longer shows negative sign when value is 0%. PC updater: Magellan Software Updates Mac updater: Magellan Software Updates Improved Routing Performance. Audio/Video input enhancements for optional Magellan Back Up Camera accessory (Applicable to select models only). Street list display includes the City name at the bottom of the screen. If no POIs are found the radius can be expanded to 100 miles. Navigation: Route list does not reset after it is viewed. Address resolution, especially in streets where gaps exist in numbering, is improved. Text balanced, centered and constrained throughout interface.

2.18 Road Mate 6000T Map and Software Update Version 2 Road Mate 800 RS 2.0 Map Upgrade Road Mate 860 RS 2.0 Map Upgrade Road Mate 3000T/3050T RS 2.0 Map Upgrade Road Mate 700/760 North America/Europe v6 Road Mate 2200T v. For example, if the track is named "Pacific Coast Trail", then the name will appear in the track list and track details. Spoken turn-by-turn directions are resolved for Spanish languages (requires City Series map). For example, if the track is named "Pacific Coast Trail", then the name will appear in the track list and track details. Spoken turn-by-turn directions are resolved for Spanish languages (requires City Series map). Waypoint/Geocache default for Favorites is set to "All". Removed ability to inadvertently delete pre-loaded maps. Improvements made to distance measurements by displaying meters and feet below .10mi and .10KM instead of .25mi and .25km respectively. Improved the order of activity totals displayed in Activity Totals Screen. Truck service/stops POIs updated  included amenity information. The country (region) name is displayed in the address entry and POI entry. Changed "You Have Arrived" timer from 30 seconds to 10 seconds. Addresses outside city boundaries are more easily located. General Improvements: Trip Computer UI given a new look.

I remember the first time my traffic firmware updated on the next startup in the car.

At first, I thought something was wrong because it wasn't "normal".

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