Computer zes when updating bios

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I then tried a smaller partition of 12MB (FAT12) and it installed correctly. EXE NOEMS device=3Dc:\fdos\bin\SHELLHIGH=3Dc:\fdos\bin\COMMAND. COM c:\fdos\bin\ /E:1024 /F /MSG /K c:\FDOS\FDAUTO. When a file is found, Free DOS will use that instead of config.sys, and in your you can use /P=c:\argument for SHELL to make the boot process use instead of ... Finally, I recommend that you use SWITCHES=/E in your to suppress EBDA movement. Please do not quote unrelated mails - even as attachment - when you start a new discussion on freedos-user... I think he tries to sort the files to allow you to 1. have the rest of the install data spread over several 720k or 1440k disks (when you have a 1.2M drive, you can put 720k on each disk, and when you only have a 360k drive, you have to spread data manually). 6) EDIT 0.7a displays this as OVER and INS respectively. 7) The 102key keyboard detection is broken in 0.8, so Alt Gr does not = work. 8) The status bar clock uses NLS in 0.7a but hardcodes hh:mmam/pm in 0.8 = only. 9) The ^P ^something and direct ^something control char typing are = broken in 0.8 (former creates strange effects, latter is not supported = at all). 10)EDIT 0.8 help only documents Ctrl/Shift Ins/Del but the drop down = menu mentions Ctrl C/K/V.Is there a limitation on partition size or does the allocation table have to be FAT12 rather than FAT16? Ben _________________________________________________________________ Stop worrying about overloading your inbox - get MSN Hotmail Extra Storage! pgmarket=en-us&page=hotmail/es2&ST=1/go/onm00200362ave/direct/01/ Which version? 7.004 bytes 6.974 bytes no version information with lbacache /? BAT devicehigh=3Dc:\fdos\bin\devicehigh=3Dc:\fdos\bin\! You should indeed call Free COM, but you can put it into another directory. Make sure that you do NOT run Free DOS SYS until you have made a backup of your Windows boot sector! We found that EBDA movement is not very compatible to many systems (similar to EMM386 NOMOVEXBDA problems...). Alternatively, you can use Free DOS ODIN which is a distro which fits on a single 1.44 MB disk :-). The editor seems to support both variants (as = EDIT 0.7a did). 11)Help in 0.8 does not mention Ctrl-O/S/N open/save/new... 12)EDIT 0.8 command line help no longer mentions /H "max lines on = screen" mode.It runs a program that controls a machine for fruit processing with two custom-made ISA cards to interface. Hi Roberto, good to hear that switches=/e fixed your problem.This setting tells the kernel not to move the EBDA (similar to MS EMM386 NOMOVEXBDA setting).lbacache FLOP This will - because you give no "BUF number" argument - use the default size of 2 MB cache.If you want for example 3 MB, use lbacache BUF 12 FLOP (size unit is 1/4 MB - maybe a bit strange but changing to unit 1kb as with other caches now would probably confuse people who got used to the old syntax.

Thus package is typically a self-exacting executable file with the soup program and each of the product's updatal files embedded and compressal to make the package smaller.

We found that moving the EBDA often has unwanted side effects, although it is really interesting to hear that it broke the combination LBAcache / compiler this time.

LBAcache with size 7004 / 6974 bytes is the newest version. I left away version info from the help screen because I often forget to update it (last happened a week ago with MODE)...

The errors are invalid opcodes or internal compiler errors. Can I dualboot Freedos and win98 on the same primary partition? The e Xtended Fdisk 0.9.3 beta appears to work without any problems. -- Oh well, if you want it to match case, check the box = yourself..i'm not going to have edit do that automatically. -- If you want to know what version you're using, go to Help|About. 14)Ctrl-Z as Alt-Backspace alias is missing or undocumented in 0.8. 15)I believe that EDIT 0.8 hooks IRQ handlers for the keyboard again, which makes crashes worse if they happen. 16)If you try to save to CD-ROM and select cancel when you get the error message, EDIT 0.8 crashes (illegal opcode in EMM386). Please post more specifications of the harddisk, like interface connectio= n (IDE, SCSI, USB, Fire Wire, PCMCIA/PCcard?

I have 386swat but do not know how to debug the problem. On a similar note, Darik's Boot and Nuke ( returns "had: Error waiting for DMA" which makes me wonder if this problem lies with a DMA driver. page=features/mlb&pgmarket=en-us/go/onm00200439ave/direct/01/ Rafa=B3 Kula schreef: keep things as simple as possible. INI was all that's needed (if you hav= e a bootsectorfile): C:\BOOTSECT. ) please report if your disk is detected using another Fdisk program, like = the following GPL-licensed program: Hello list, I am trying to install Free Dos B9RC5 on my Dell Latitude XPi Laptop. When I run “FDISK”, I receive this message: “No fixed disks present.” Then I modified A:\FREEDOS\FDISK.

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